Guangdong (Deqing) Westtech Rosin Product Deep Processing Technology Small Hospital "launch ceremony


   In order to explore the graduate training mode, Zhongkai Science and Technology Academy was set up. Centering on the development needs of local industries and taking solving the core problems of science and technology as the orientation, through the deep cooperation led by graduate tutors, the academy was promoted to become the exchange center, information center and service center of the university's science and technology to the countryside and serve the rural revitalization.

From July 28 to 29, the Basic and Application research team of Natural Resource Chemistry of Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering and the research team of Guangdong Wistar New Materials Co., Ltd. held the launch ceremony of the "Guangdong Deqing Wistar Rosin Product Deep Processing Science and Technology Academy" for graduate students of our university and the activities of graduate training, cooperation and exchange, science and technology docking, etc.

Xie Jinjian, chairman of Guangdong Westar New Materials Co., Ltd. presided over the exchange meeting and the opening ceremony. Professor Li Qiaoguang, graduate supervisor of Science and Technology Primary School, Associate Professor Hao Li, Associate Professor Wu Yuehua and graduate student representatives and four people participated in the activity, and Rao Xiaoping, National Outstanding Youth, professor and doctoral supervisor of Huaqiao University, Guangdong Demei Fine Chemical Group Co., LTD. Technical Director Liang Yongbiao, Dr. Yang Chenghua, Zhang Jinbo and other relevant officials attended the event.

  Accompanied by Mr. Xie Jinjian, chairman of Guangdong Westar New Materials Co., LTD., the team of our school visited the production base and R&D laboratory of the enterprise successively. At the exchange meeting, Xie Jinjian, chairman of Guangdong Wstar New Materials Co., Ltd. introduced the basic situation of the enterprise, three-year construction goals, scientific and technological problems, etc.

Associate Professor Li Qiaoguang made a technical exchange report, introduced the research content and technical plan and other related content; At the same time, the cooperation basis, construction objectives, construction tasks and other contents of the science and technology small institute were fully exchanged.

Rao Xiaoping, national outstanding youth, professor and doctoral supervisor of Huaqiao University, put forward constructive suggestions and experience on the cooperation between industry, university and research institute, proposed the vision and plan that the key of cooperation between school and enterprise lies in technology research and development, personnel training, platform construction and scientific research fund investment, and gave a high recognition to this way.

Liang Yongbiao, technical director of Guangdong Demei Fine Chemical Group Co., LTD., introduced that campus cooperation is a deep science and technology docking enterprise, and gave guidance and suggestions on the cooperation mode of science and technology innovation and achievement promotion.